EFD (Blade)

Gas/Fire Suppression Damper

  • Gravity Operated with Blade Linkages
  • Galvanized Curtain Fire Damper
  • 72°C Fusible Link
  • Blade Pitch is 150mm
  • Minimum Size 100mm x 150mm
  • Maximum Size 1200mm x 1200mm
  • Standard Depth of 460mm
  • One Side Ext. Flange One Side Int.
  • WL & WMS & 5B Media Option

Technical Specifications


Electrovent EGSD gas suppression dampers are integral pressure relief vents with curtain type fire dampers installed to relieve pressure and prevent the spead of fire.


The EGSD casing is manufactured from galvanised steel.

The ENRD and IBD are standard products mounted inside the casing.

Optional louvers and grilles are manufactured in aluminium.

See respective guides for more information.


Every EGSD is fitted with a fusible link designed to close the fire damper when the casing temperature exceeds 72˚C.

Blades close under gravity for vertical installation, or can be fitted with closure springs for horizontal installation in floors.

Weather louvers and return air grilles can be fitted to the casing.

EGSD-F: Includes Curtain Type Fire Damper

EGSD: Excludes Curtain Type Fire Damper


Minimum size: 100mm (w) x 150mm (h)

Max size in one section: 1200mm (w) x 1200mm(h)

Sizes exceeding maximum are combined in sections.

Casing depth is 460mm as standard for the EGSD-F and 300mm for the EGSD.

Flange is 30mm external and 30mm internal.

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