ECD-LL (Blade and Side Seals)

Low Leakage Damper

  • Manually or Electrically Operated
  • Side Seals and Tip Seals
  • Minimum Size 100mm x 150mm
  • Maximum Size 1500mm x 1950mm
  • Standard Depth of 180mm
  • Extended Shaft Option
  • 30mm Flanges
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation
  • Opposed Blade Movement

Technical Specifications


Electrovent Control Dampers – Low Leakage (ECD-LL) are airflow control products used in HVAC installations. ECD-LL can be used to control intake and exhaust flows, and for air balancing applications, while providing a tight shut off in the closed position. Aerofoil blades tip and edge seals provide fine control and tight closure for low leakage applications.


The ECD-LL frame is manufactured from galvanised steel as standard, blades are double skin aerofoil aluminium extrusion. Blades are fitted with tip seal, and additional closed cell side seals.

Blades are installed in the casing with low friction brass bushes. Nylon gears provide opposed blade operation, gears are driven on a 13mm hex shaft. Blades position is indicated from outside of the casing.


The ECD-LL can be supplied with:

• Locking quadrant for manual operation

• Extended shaft for actuator by others

• Electrical actuator motorising the control

Various actuator options are available depending on the control required.

Where external space is a constraint, the actuator can be mounted internally within the airstream.

The ECD-LL is suitable for vertical and horizontal installation in walls and slabs.

Spigots can be fitted for spiral duct installation.

Casing available in 304 and 316 stainless steel on request.

Parallel blade movement is available on request. (opposed blade movement as standard)


Minimum size 100mm (w) x 150mm (h).

Maximum size in single section 1500mm (w) x 1950mm (h).

Sizes exceeding maximum are combined in sections.

Casing depth is 180mm as standard or to client specification.

Flange size is 30mm as standard or to client specification.

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