Round Smoke Damper

  • Electrically Operated Only
  • Actuator Normally Open OR Closed
  • Side Seals with Parallel Blades
  • Minimum Size Ø100mm
  • Maximum Size Ø500mm
  • Depths vary from 250mm to 600mm
  • Extended Shaft Option
  • No Flanges
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation

Technical Specifications


Electrovent ESDR Smoke Dampers are smoke protection products used in HVAC installations to contain or extract smoke inside ductwork and buildings.


The ESD frame and blades are manufactured from galvanised steel as standard. Blades are installed in the casing with low friction brass bushes.

Blade position is indicated from outside of the casing, and each round smoke damper is typically fitted with a spring return actuator to client specifications.


The ESDR is fitted with an electrical spring return actuator in 24V or 220V as standard for fail safe operation.

Various other actuator options are available.

The ESDR can be set to spring open or spring closed to respectively exhaust or contain smoke under emergency conditions.

The option for extended shaft is available for fitment of your choice of actuator.

The ESDR is suitable for vertical and horizontal installation in walls and slabs.

Available in 304 and 316 stainless steel on request.


Minimum Size Ø100mm

Maximum size Ø500mm

Casing depth is 350mm as standard.

ESDR has no flange.

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